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Spark.Retail is a solution software that allows a good management of Sales point with Warehouse updated in time from pos. Advanced solution of management of the point of sales with touchscreen, and advanced characteristic fault tollerant ( electric power affording the store never does not closeAutomation of the Cassa Aggiornamento Point lyings in realTime, is possible to analyze given of lying and proceeds anytime (is not necessary to attend the closing evening) Analysis of theMarginalitàSistema of resupply automatic


Spark.Base allows the Management of articles and the list, the emission and prints of the labels with barcode. The Management of the updates articles, identifying and/or price, and of the coming offers from head quarter. the Creation and directly prints of labels. Replication of variations articles and price to the pos, for the situations of fault.
Management of the control drainage merciIl
Loading in automatic rifle of coming documents from the relative sedee to the goods in arrival with update of giacenze
Management handling returned with update of the giacenze
invoice emission from receipt
Inventory Management

Creation order to the Ce.Di on the base of minimal escorts, assortment and/or consume
Management given entry from palmare Windows Mobile (creation movement of warehouse, integration of the order, etc.)
Analysis profit


Spark.Pos is the software solution that allows you to manage the issue of receipts:

  • acquire barcode using barcode reader
  • alternative acquisition to the barcode reader (from Recorder, from Remote Archive)
  • Manage the various payment methods
  • Manage customer loyalty
  • Send receipt billing requests to the server
  • Operation in emergency mode
  • Display image produced during the scan
  • NxM Offers Management

(software platform to manage the cargo handling terminals via wireless).

Spark.Voice è un Addon del sistema Spark.Logistic (piattaforma software per la gestione della movimentazione merci mediante terminali wireless).

Spark.Voice is a highly innovative technological solution, designed to greatly increase the efficiency and quality of the process of picking, goods receipt and other cargo handling processes.

Spark.Voice è una soluzione tecnologica altamente innovativa, studiata per aumentare considerevolmente l’efficienza e la qualità del processo di picking, di entrata merci e di altri processi di movimentazione merci.